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Our most recent foray into analysis. Here, we're going to break down all the things we love to talk about in the Dubious Consumers Podcast, but this time, demonstrate why they're so successful. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to get the latest updates!

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The Dubious Consumers Podcast

Started in October 2014, The Dubious Consumers Podcast covers all forms of entertainment, from movies, video games, music, opera, poetry, and everything else under the sun. Sometimes in the darkness too. Our current


photo by Robyn Icks

photo by Robyn Icks

Justin is a Fantasy Noir author with four completed novels under his belt. He has been writing novels for over ten years and absolutely loves dark, twisted stories that take readers into unexpected places.

Analyzing stories are his passion and he often takes them to task for not logically thinking out their storylines.

You can hear him rant on The Dubious Consumers, a bi-weekly media podcast, or follow his blog to keep up with his writer's journey.

Find out more about him here.