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The Magician

The Pitch

A robot sells his soul at the crossroads to become a real Magician, only to face Lovecraftian Elder Gods.


XAV-325 always wanted to learn magic. 

Perseus (Pg 6)  by Owen Freeman

Perseus (Pg 6) by Owen Freeman

Writing Timeline


The Faithful was completed in 2009 after several failed starts. Shortly into the first rewrite, I realized the crucial scene of the first act needed to be overhauled, which would change the rest of the novel and all the actions of every character. This resulted in multiple rewrites, variations, new characters being added in and others dropped. All in all, its own sort of nightmare.


The Faithful is currently out with several agents with two partials and one full request. All in all, The Faithful has accrued over 100 rejections, including one full requests and nine partials. It has stood the test of time and is still waiting for the right agent to come by and snatch it up.


As it sits, The Faithful is complete. There are still minor tweaks and cleaning up that can be done with the manuscript, but it is "feature complete." There are currently at least two sequels in the works, splitting their focus between mortals and gods.

Shogun  by Riyahd Cassiem

Shogun by Riyahd Cassiem


  • This novel originally started out as a story about a man who has migraines and is taking heavy amounts of medication, but his girlfriend believes that the pills are causing the problems, so she begins to switch them out with placebos. As she does this, he begins to see monsters and twisted creatures (a la Hellraiser) and gets sucked into a desolate world.
  • At one point, this story was split into two novels, the first ending with the gods coming to town and the second ending where the novel currently does. Even a godslayer showed up in one of the drafts and played a prominent role in exploring the world outside of Sandhyanen. There's a chance that Daedren Banning could show up in a future novel.
  • The Trickster, Theon, has showed up in every one of my novels thus far.
Untitled  by Reza Afshar

Untitled by Reza Afshar

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