Convert35 by Justin D. Herd

Between the Shadows is an Adult Dystopian novel about a city where if you're only a second off schedule, you are hunted down and killed.

Convert35 is the massive corporation that owns the city and have established their own work force. A perfect, engineered mass of workers that stay exactly on schedule, or else they face reconstituting. The corporation offers an easier way out though, give up more of your "free time" for closer and high end accommodations.

John Spencer, our hero, has never sacrificed his time to have an easier life, instead he has completely reworked his life so that work is the only thing he lives for. He lives on the outskirt of the city, focused on only his job while any contacts he's had have sold their time and disappeared into the heart of the city.

John ends up on the wrong side of Convert35 when he loses track of his schedule and is caught outside the corporation hours before his work day begins. He ends up on the run from the Wretched, darting through abandoned buildings and barely surviving, when a mysterious man saves him.

John is introduced to another faction, hidden along the rooftops of Shabatidan, a group that keeps tabs on the Prefects. Adopted into this group, John decides to head back into the heart of the city to save a woman he used to be involved with, to show her that there is something more than the daily grind. And perhaps, in the process, John can bring down the corporation that has stolen so much from the Prefects.

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Data Collection Point C  by Martin Bland

Data Collection Point C by Martin Bland


For the Prefects, the city has always been there. But there's a dark secret at the heart of the perfect city, a hidden workforce that is still bitter from being discarded in favor of Convert35's new project. There are two hubs of the city: Convert35, the main corporation where everyone works, and the tower, a giant clock tower that is seen from every angle of the city, ensuring no one can be off schedule.

Men in Black  by delienews

Men in Black by delienews


Engineered and trained to be the best, the Prefects are the precursor to perfection. They're almost there, but they can still fail. As part of their conditioning, they are given a choice: sacrifice more of your time and live just outside the corporation or live on the outskirts of the city and spend more time crossing Shabatidan to get to work.

Dog  by Brom

Dog by Brom


Convert35's insurance policy. The Wretched are decomposing monstrosities that hunt down any errant Prefects. When someone is late by even a second, they are released and hunt down and, presumably, kill their target. The only thing is, there seems to be more and more of these creatures as time goes on, even as the Prefect population dwindles.