State of the Herd Dynasty

Well, nothing as official as that.

It's been awhile since I've sat down and told you about my writing journey. In the months since I last updated you, I finished a complete revision of The Faithful and, at the end of that journey, added twenty thousand words to the manuscript. I also cut six thousand from the opening of the novel to really up the punch. It's definitely changed how certain characters interact with each other, as well as build relationships that my betas didn't quite buy.

While I've been straddling the lines between going the traditional route, I've finally decided to take the plunge into Self Publishing. It's not any great secret that I've been toying with this idea. One of my favorite author experiments came from David Wellington's Serials. I can never get a good answer from agents and editors whether this is feasible under the traditional route and I might be doing precisely this for future stories. In pursuit of getting the most out of my novel, I've hired the awesome Wild Things Editing to go through Of Gods and Madness: The Faithful and chart out just what is and isn't working. From that point, I can finally put this novel out and focus on my other stories.

On that note, I've begun to rework the Magician (which, I realize, you still haven't got a page for that one yet - sorry!!!). With the way the new additions to the story would play out, it would have consequences on all my other novels and limit what I could do with those other characters, since it was all a shared world.

Now, I am going to try and "extract" it from the original world and put it into a new world that I can toy with all I want. I know it's an odd thing to worry about, but I spend a lot of my mental processes trying to link everything together and see how one thing would affect another.  My wife, the lovely and talented Kathryn Trattner, doesn't understand why I think about such things, but it's also the reason why The Faithful has been so complicated and interwoven.

I'd like to think that's part of my charm.

As for future plans, Kathryn and I will be attending AWP this year, as well as OWFI again. So, if there's anyone who plans to attend those conferences, let me know and we can go grab a beer!

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Justin D. Herd

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