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My Migraine by Cereal 199

My Migraine by Cereal 199

For anyone that has picked up on my sporadic postings throughout the years, you'll know that I suffer from chronic migraines. Part of the fun of this comes with my warning indicator: I lose a significant portion of my vision. Always the left side, always a curve that leaves me searching the area around me.

This makes writing interesting when these migraines strike me.

Conventional wisdom dictates that I need to hide in a dark room, set a cool rag over my eyes, and go to bed. I spent years doing this. The trouble is that the urge to write becomes overwhelming at this point.

I spent a considerable amount of time nursing my migraines in the dark, eyes closed, writing thousands of words without even looking at the screen but knowing exactly what was being printed. It wasn't the best stuff. I have hard enough of a time articulating myself with my brain exploding, the words slipping away as I try to reclaim them.

I guess what it comes down to is this: while these migraines are a curse that brings my life to a screeching halt most of the time, there are moments were inspiration comes tearing from them and I'm all the better for it.


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